Our support for the UN General Assembly resolution for the International Court of Justice to rule on the climate crisis

Finnish Climate Grandparents has signed a letter supporting Vanuatu’s historic bid for the International Court of Justice to rule on the climate crisis, including the legal consequences for causing significant environmental harm. By 1st of March 105 states, including Finland, have co-sponsored the resolution to the UN general assembly seeking an opinion on the international legal obligations that countries have to act on the climate crisis.

The resolution asks the International Court of Justice to pay particular attention to the harm experienced by small island developing countries that are particularly vulnerable to the effects of the climate crisis.

The Resolution seeks to clarify the legal obligations of states to address climate change and provide an improved framework for countries to take the action required. The Resolution articulates two questions to be answered by the International Court of Justice: First, under the body of existing international laws, what are the obligations of States to ensure the protection of the climate system and other parts of the environment from anthropogenic emissions of greenhouse gases for States and for present and future generations. Once the obligations have been made clear, the second question to the World’s Highest Court focused on the legal consequences for States where they, by their acts and omissions, have caused significant harm to the climate system and other parts of the environment, with respect to vulnerable countries, and peoples and individuals of future generations.

Further details on the resolution here.